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Tracking Legislation in Northern Virginia (ie Fairfax, Arlington, Essay

Following Legislation in Northern Virginia (ie Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria) (Issues Transportation, Immigration, Guns, Taxes) - Essay Example The bill additionally evacuates a subsection that makes offenses in the remainder of the area auxiliary offenses. This bill basically implies that Virginia drivers ages 15, 16 and 17 won't have the option to talk, send text, messages or snap photographs with a telephone while driving on Virginia streets. This boycott, intended to diminish mishaps, likewise will apply to sans hands gadgets however will permit adolescents to utilize a telephone during a crisis. This HB 942 influences me and all the youthful street drivers who pass by the interstates and streets of the State of Virginia. The bill sets a boundary for the quantity of travelers one can bring with and it likewise initiates a driving facility for errant youthful drivers. The primary significant arrangement of the bill expresses that at whatever point the driving record of an individual under 19 years of age shows that he has been sentenced for submitting, when he was under 18 years of age, (I) an offense for which negative mark focuses have been surveyed or are assessable under Article 19 ( 46.2-489 et seq.) of this part or (ii) an infringement of any arrangement of Article 12 ( 46.2-1091 et seq.) or Article 13 ( 46.2-1095 et seq.) of Chapter 10 of this title, the Commissioner will direct such individual to go to a driver improvement facility. The subsequent significant arrangement expresses that If any individual under 19 years of age is indicted a second time of submitting, whe n he was under 18 years of age, (I) an offense for which bad mark focuses have been evaluated or are assessable under Article 19 ( 46.2-489 et seq.) of this section or (ii) an infringement of any arrangement of Article 12 ( 46.2-1091 et seq.) or Article 13 ( 46.2-1095 et seq.) of Chapter 10 of this title, the Commissioner will suspend such individual's driver's permit or benefit to work an engine vehicle for 90 days. Such suspension will be back to back to, and not simultaneous with, some other time of permit suspension, renouncement or disavowal. The underlying permit gave to any individual more youthful than 18 years old will be esteemed a temporary driver's permit. Until the holder is 18 years of age, a temporary driver's permit will not approve its holder to work an engine vehicle with more than one traveler The overall population is helped emphatically by this new bill since it strengthens the significance of street security among Virginia' youthful drivers. The bill negatively affects youthful drivers since they need to forego the comfort of utilizing remote gadgets while driving. Be that as it may, in the event that one takes the significance of street wellbeing on the most fundamental level, the youngsters likewise advantage as far as lives spared and the conservation of private property emerging from harm because of potential street mishaps. The fundamental objective of a traffic security program is devoted to sparing lives and lessening wounds by forestalling car accidents in Virginia. The point is the most extreme insurance of the driving open. The accomplishment of these endeavors is found in the quantity of lives spared and the wounds forestalled. Traffic fatalities were distinguished as the main source of death, particularly for youngsters between the ages of four and 34. The long periods of life lost because of these horrendous occasions make their social costs especially high. A large number of these grievous misfortunes of lives could have been forestalled with better traffic wellbeing bills. Virginia Governor Timothy M. Kaine needs more traffic security charges so as to diminish mishaps and wounds because of blundering drivers. Traffic wellbeing is a significant issue since Virginia had experienced many auto collisions which had brought about the loss of numerous lives. For example, Virginia's 2004 pace of 1.17 fatalities per 100 million vehicle-miles of movement was lower than the national normal of 1.44 per 100

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The German Creation of Colonies in Africa and the British Expansion of Term Paper

The German Creation of Colonies in Africa and the British Expansion of Its Colonial Empire in India and South Asia - Term Paper Example All things considered, it was associated with hard battles against the nations it was attempting to have. The Chancellor of Germany of that period Otto von Bismarck was not keen on the frontier extension, however affected by German culture and initiative that asserted that Germany required provinces to keep up its financial mastery in Europe, he consented to make this stride. After the unification of Germany in 1871 clearly this activity ought to happen in light of the fact that the weight was excessively incredible. The fundamental gatherings that were campaigning for the pioneer development were the West German Society for Colonization and Export (1881) and the Central Association for Commercial Geography and the Promotion of German Interests Abroad (1878). Bismarck imagined that the future German states would be balancing out force that will impact household legislative issues of the nation. The states were to accentuate patriotism and to raise the distinction and enormity of Germ any on the worldwide level. In 1884-1885 Germany was the host of the global Berlin Conference, where European cases in Africa were endorsed. The necessity was that the cases of ownership in Africa must be showed by the physical control of the regions. In 1873 African Society in Germany (Afrikanische Gesellschaft in Deutschland) was sorted out. The objective of the general public was geological investigation of Africa. In 1882 German Colonial Society (Deutscher Kolonialverein) showed up. In excess of 15000 supporters of the pilgrim legislative issues joined in this general public. In 1887 it joined the Society for German Colonization (Gesellschaft hide Deutsche Kolonisation), which objective was the useful acknowledgment of the pioneer plans.2 Desiring to fortify his political position, and tallying upon the help of the National Liberal Party at the races to Reichstag in 1884, Bismarck reported that the German government will take under its guardianship all the worldwide assets of th e German businesspeople. Other than that, he imagined that this activity will debilitate the progression of German migrants to America and will guide this stream to the German states. During that timeframe the accompanying regions were moved under the assurance of the German government: The land bought by the Bremen agent Adolf Luderitz at the region of the advanced Namibia. In April 1884 German Southwest Africa was shaped here. The terrains of Adolph Woermann †German Cameroon in July of 1884. German Togo in July of 1884 German East Africa (Tanzania) that recently had a place with Carl Peters and The Society for German Colonization, in February of 1885. Protectorate of Witu (present day Kenia) that had a place with siblings Denhardt. German New Guinea and Bismarck Archipelago In 1885 Bismarck deserted the possibility of the reliable pioneer legislative issues, and focused his endeavors on the relationship with England and France. Provinces were utilized distinctly as a negotiat ing tool in arrangements. At the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 years, Africa was separated among the European powers, and as per Helgoland-Zanzibar understanding of 1890 African protectorate Witu was exchanged for the deliberately significant for Germany island of Helgoland in the North Sea. Under Wilhelm II Germany attempted to expand the circle of its frontier impact by expanding the quantity of business agents.

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Blog Archive Friday Factoid NYU Stern Students Think Social

Blog Archive Friday Factoid NYU Stern Students Think Social Attending or helping plan the Social Enterprise Clubs “Think Social, Drink Local” marquee fundraiser is one of many options that socially conscious aspiring  MBAs will find at New York Universitys (NYUs) Stern School of Business to fulfill their interests. With help from corporate sponsors, the event raises money for the schools Social Venture Fund, a student-run fund that awards grants to nonprofits focused on educational services in the New York City  area.  In 2012, the event raised more than $10,000 and featured an open bar with organic, locally produced drinks as well as a fashion show featuring ecofriendly designers modeled by Stern students and administration members. Sowhat exactly are we implying? Although NYU Stern is perhaps not well known among the top MBA programs for sustainable enterprise or social entrepreneurship, the school actually offers an array of resources for those interested in pursuing careers in these fields. The Stewart Satter Program in Social Entrepreneurship serves as the hub of all socially entrepreneurial activities and events at the school, and in 2008, Stern introduced a Social Innovation and Impact specialization, thereby formalizing an academic track for students with this career path in mind. Outside the classroom, through Stern Consulting Corps, students can partner on consulting projects with New York Cityâ€"based nonprofits such as the William J. Clinton Foundation’s Economic Opportunity Initiative, and for those who also have the entrepreneurial bug, Stern added a Social Venture Competition to its traditional for-profit Annual Business Plan Competition, in which participants compete for the $100,000 Satter Family Prize. In short, socially conscious Sternies have quite a bit to keep them busy! Share ThisTweet Friday Factoids New York University (Stern)

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What Do You Know About the History of MP3

In 1987, with a project named EUREKA project EU147, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), the prestigious Fraunhofer Institut Integrierte Schaltungen research center (a division of the German Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft firm) began researching high-quality, low bit-rate audio coding. Fraunhofer-Gesellshaft now owns the licensing and the patent rights to the audio compression technology that was developed, a technology better known as MP3. Dieter Seitzer and Karlheinz Brandenburg The inventors named on the United States Patent 5,579,430 for a digital encoding process, a.k.a. MP3, are Bernhard Grill, Karlheinz Brandenburg, Thomas Sporer, Bernd Kurten, and Ernst Eberlein but the two names most frequently associated with the development of MP3 are Karlheinz Brandenburg and University of Erlangen professor Dieter Seitzer. A specialist in mathematics and electronics, Brandenburg—who is often called the father of MP3—led the Fraunhofer research. Brandenburg had been researching methods of compressing music since 1977. Seitzer, whod been working on the quality transfer of music over a standard phone line, joined the project as an audio coder. In an interview with Intel, Brandenburg described how MP3 took several years to develop—and almost didnt happen at all. In 1991, the project almost died, he recalled. During modification tests, the encoding simply did not want to work properly. Two days before submission of the first version of the MP3 codec, we found the compiler error. What is MP3? MP3 stands for MPEG Audio Layer III—a standard for audio compression that makes any music file smaller with little or no loss of sound quality. MP3 is part of MPEG, an acronym for Motion Pictures Expert Group, which is a family of standards for displaying video and audio using lossy compression (in which random partial data is irreversibly discarded, allowing the remainder to represent a compressed version of the original). Standards set by the Industry Standards Organization (ISO), were launched in 1992 with the MPEG-1. MPEG-1 is a video compression standard with low bandwidth. The high bandwidth audio and video compression standard of MPEG-2 followed and was of adequate quality for use with DVD technology. MPEG Layer III or MP3 involves audio compression only. Fast Facts: History of MP3 Timeline 1987: The Fraunhofer Institut in Germany began research code-named EUREKA project EU147, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB).January 1988: Moving Picture Experts Group or MPEG was established as a subcommittee of the International Standards Organization/International Electrotechnical Commission or ISO/IEC.April 1989: Fraunhofer received a German patent for MP3.1992: Fraunhofers and Dieter Seitzer’s audio coding algorithm was integrated into MPEG-1.1993: MPEG-1 standard was published.1994: MPEG-2 was developed and published a year later.November 26, 1996: A United States patent for MP3 was issued.September 1998: Fraunhofer began enforcing their patent rights. All developers of MP3 encoders or rippers and decoders/players must now pay a licensing fee to Fraunhofer, however, no licensing fees are required to simply use an MP3 player.February 1999: A record company called SubPop was the first to distribute music tracks in the MP3 format.1999: Portable MP3 players make their debut. What Can MP3 Do? According to Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Without data reduction, digital audio signals typically consist of 16-bit samples recorded at a sampling rate more than twice the actual audio bandwidth (e.g. 44.1 kHz for Compact Discs). So you end up with more than 1.400 Mbit to represent just one second of stereo music in CD quality. By using MPEG audio coding, you [can] shrink down the original sound data from a CD by a factor of 12, without losing sound quality. MP3 Players In the early 1990s, Frauenhofer developed the first MP3 player—but it was a bust. In 1997, developer Tomislav Uzelac of Advanced Multimedia Products invented the first successful MP3 player, the AMP MP3 Playback Engine. Soon after, two university students, Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev, ported AMP to Windows to create Winamp. In 1998, Winamp became a free MP3 music player, which took the success of MP3 to a whole new level.

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Basketball and My Life Essay - 984 Words

Basketball and my life I have throughout my whole life been playing sports. I still play basketball competitively and now it’s at the university level. Basketball though was not my first love when it came to playing sports. It has though become my true focus since junior high school. Coming from Canada everybody plays hockey. Its almost as if as soon as you learn to walk you learn how to skate. Whether it is at the recreation centre or at the shinny rink around the corner everyone plays. Eventually I abandoned hockey to play basketball which I have done so for the last twelve years of my life and hopefully a few more years into the future. It happened watching it on television seeing all the great players such as Michael†¦show more content†¦I was the starting centre for the Alberta 15 and under provincial team. Once this happened I started to receive better coaching to help hone my skills. The most important thing that happened was my passion for the game flourished. By my junior year I had became a first team all star at nationals for basketball and helped lead my team to second in the country. At this time it began to look like that I would just have a good high school career but also a chance to try and prove myself in university. My senior year proved to be my toughest year as I tried to decide where I wanted to continue with my dream of playing the sport I love. All of a sudden I had schools from western Canada all to the way to the Atlantic trying to get me to play at their school. During this year I received my greatest achievement yet when I was named a starter for the first ever adidas all Canadian all-star game. When I was younger I realized that the NBA was almost too high a bar to reach I decided that the NCAA would be a great achievement. Eventually that opportunity presented itself to me in the form of two schools. NAU and Montana St. expressed interest and I struggled to decide where I wanted to spend the next four or possibly five years of my life. All of the people that I had met while visiting each school were just so nice. I didn’t want to disappoint any of them. When I got a chance to play here at NAU on full scholarship I decided that this was the perfectShow MoreRelatedWhy Basketball Is A Big Part Of My Life1467 Words   |  6 Pagesin Mo’Ne. I should ask my mom if I have a long lost sister. It’s just a notion. Well, for as long as I could remember I’ve been playing basketball. Seems cliche but it’s the literal truth. My love for the sport is unexplainable however I’ll try a synopsis. Improving physically and mentally as I play, building camaraderie with my teammates, and being able to separate myself from my life problems when I’m on the court, are all reasons to why basketball is a big part of my life. As with everything elseRead MoreWhy I Am A Wheelchair Basketball860 Words   |  4 Pagesbut even with my differences I knew that I wanted to play basketball. It was my dream and when I started middle school I was determined to join the team at my school. When I went to the coach of the team and asked him if I could try-out he said no because â€Å"I was more of a liability rather than an athlete†. This was th e first time that my disability actually got in the way of my actions. I went into a depression and then I found wheelchair basketball. Joining a wheelchair basketball team has changedRead MoreIs Cambridge Mass The City Of Chance, Opportunity, Diversity, And Most Important Basketball?855 Words   |  4 Pageschance, opportunity, diversity and most importantly basketball. Growing up as child in Cambridge all you hear is stories about basketball and the great tradition, reputation we have built to become the model of a winning basketball, program over decades that seamlessly trout out great teams contending for the right to be named state champions every year. This tradition is passed on to each generation of kids in Cambridge very young because most likely my father your father once wore the falcon jerseyRead More Playing Basketball Essay695 Words   |  3 PagesPlaying Basketball Being part of the basketball clique in high school helped me learn the intrapersonal and social communication skills I use today. As a child playing basketball was my favorite activity or hobby. Its also the way I met a lot of my good friends that I have now. All my close friends I have met. I have met them through playing basketball.. Whether they were on my team, the opposing team or just fans in the crowd who admired my play. Not only has basketball helped me gain friendsRead MoreHow I Spent Active And Be Outdoors1308 Words   |  6 Pagespark almost every day and play with my friends. I enjoyed playing all types of sports, especially basketball and soccer, and still do today. I joined several sports leagues throughout my life as well. I played 3 years of soccer, and 5 years of basketball. Even though it was only club sports, I still played every game like it was my last, and always pushed myself to improve my abilities. Sadly, many of the physical activities I participated in t hroughout my life came to an end, when I injured myselfRead MoreBasketball Skills Essay921 Words   |  4 PagesAndrew Lorentz Prof Berkhof PE 141 Basketball Skills 10/14/09 Basketball Skills Reflective Assessment Essay Basketball Skills was a great physical education class because I got to improve my overall basketball skills and learn some exact specifics about the sport I love to play the most. I’ve been playing basketball since I was very young and will continue to throughout my life. I have quite a few strengths while playing basketball. One is that I am a skilled ball handlerRead MoreThe Greatest Obstacle Of My Life900 Words   |  4 Pagesdescribing the greatest obstacle in my life I need to first convey my definition of obstacle. As I view the word obstacle, it is an impediment or difficult circumstance that causes you to negotiate your way, it is not a barrier that cannot be overcome. The bible teaches us in John 16:33 that â€Å"in this world you will have trouble†. Throughout my life there have been obstacles that created defining moments for me. So therefore my greatest obstacle has been a series of life events that have brought me toRead MoreI Didn t Start Playing A Kid874 Words   |  4 Pageshowever I think basketball is the most developing community I’ve ever belonged to. Just like any sport, many individuals learn how to play as a kid. Most participate recreationally, while others participate competitively with their peers. I didn’t start playing competitive until I was in middle school. The coach enabled me to become a part of this discourse community. Once I made the team I was a valued member of that community. There were many individuals that influenced me to join. My dad noticed howRead MoreWhy I Love Basketball945 Words   |  4 PagesIn my free time, I enjoy a plethora of activities but I have come to the conclusion that basketball is my all-time favorite pastime. Watching the sport on television is just as enjoyable as playing it. Strangely, basketball has always seemed to permeate my life in one way or another. Sometimes, I feel like I was born to dream, live, and even sleep thinking about basketball. Basketball is such an amazing sport and I cannot fathom living in a world in which the sport did not existRead MoreDreams And Aspirations As A Child Essay874 Words   |  4 Pageswhen maturing, life can take dramatic turns. At the age of six, I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up. I was going to be a professional basketball player. As life continued, I realized that it was beginning to be a distant dream. The distant dream was disappointing, but added to my character. Although I was unsuccessful at reaching my goal of being a professional basketball player, I learned new things that changed my life for the better. My parents handed me a basketball when I was five

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Computers in Society - 1554 Words

Computers in Society Today computers are a part of everyday life, they are in their simplest form a digital watch or more complexly computers manage power grids, telephone networks, and the money of the world. Computers are a relatively new invention. The first computers were built fifty years ago and it is only in the last thirty or so years that their influence has affected our everyday life. Personal computers were introduced as recently as the early eighties. In this short time they have made a tremendous impact on our lives. We are now so dependent on computers that it is hard to imagine what things would be like today without them. You have only got to go into a bank when their main computer is broken to appreciate the†¦show more content†¦With permanent development of computer technology the quantity of people using computer either for working purposes or entertainment purposes is increasing speedily. One of the reasons of acquiring computers and computer games by busy parents for their children is providing playing leisure for them. But some parents don’t realize that computer games not only develop child’s mind, logic (what is positive influence) but has negative affects. Computer games industry is evaluated in two ways. On the one hand it is associated with admiration of computers abilities, on the other hand with dangerous influence on teenagers’ psychology and health. Radiation even of the safest and modern monitors are serious leading on eyes and bearing of unformed organisms. There are many examples of heath problems caused by computers. Talking about psychology it is depend on genre of computer games. Unfortunately the market of computer games consists of games that include killing, attack, aggressive actions, and cruel behavior. These factors lead to change in human psychology and mind. Gamers became more wicked, more aggressive to each other and to other people. They are more inclined to aggression, violence and... Children are becoming more and more influenced by outside information as technology progresses. What used to be the main concern, with the availability of information through technology, Pornography is no longer in the spotlight. MoreShow MoreRelatedComputers and Society925 Words   |  4 PagesThe early computer development began in the late 60’s, at that time their common use was for complex mathematical calculations, and were mostly used by government corporations. As time went on computers became widely popular, and they were being used at a personal level. The Apple Lisa Computer was the first successful personal computer with a GUI interface which was introduced in 1983. Nowadays computers have become extremely popular, and they are being used almost everywhere. We are becoming overwhelminglyRead MoreImpact of Computer in Society1543 Words   |  7 PagesThe Impact Of Computers On Society Today Computers have made such an enormous impact on our society today. There isn t a place where you can turn where there isn t a computer involved. In the present time, most businesses rely on computers and it s similar technology. This field of technology has been so advanced within the past few years that it has been the primary tool in successful businesses. Not only does it make daily annoying tasks easy with a click of a button, it also makes travelingRead Moreeffects of computers in the society2116 Words   |  9 PagesThe effects of computers on the world Abstract In our societies today, no one could really predict the actual effects of computers, but the changes that have taken place on the people’s daily lives are actually evident. The manner in which people over depend on the computers technology has rapidly increased and has brought several changes on the economic sector, political sector, and the education sector. The computers could possibly isolate from each other. They could also alter the face-to-faceRead MoreComputers And The Modern Society1524 Words   |  7 PagesBernardino, California on December 2, 2015. The shooting did not only take the life of 14 innocent people but also leave behind a controversial issue of whether or not Apple should help FBI to decrypt the killers’ iPhones for investigation. In the modern society, the powerful encryption software prevents the governmental agencies from decoding in a reasonable amount of time to ensure that the users’ privacy is not being violated by those in power. C onsidering users’ right to privacy, Apple decided to standRead MoreComputers And Its Effects On Society995 Words   |  4 PagesPersonal computers have advanced tremendously in the last sixty years; as a result, they have taken over many things that people do in their daily lives. They have given people many useful applications such as email, video chat, social media, games, and the Internet. Computers have transformed people s way of life allowing them to do things faster and easier, causing life to feel more simple. Computers have been an enormous advancement into the world s future but it is not completely beneficialRead MoreComputer, Technology, and Society Essay1191 Words   |  5 Pagesthink about how pervasive computers have become in our lives. In just a few short decades they appear to be everywhere: from our desktops, to our cars, to our coffeemakers and our phones. In the nineteen years from 1984 to 2003 the percentage of US households that have a computer in t he home rose from 8.2% to 61.8%. From 1997 to 2009 the number of US households with Internet access at home climbed from 18% to 68.7%. As you can see the number of US households with a computer and Internet access inRead MoreComputer Technology And Its Impact On Society Essay1168 Words   |  5 PagesComputer technology has evolved dramatically over the years and has significantly changed society. As technology advances, it transforms and improves society. Computer-related technology allows for enhancement of social functions previously difficult or impossible to execute. Computers have also accelerated productivity. Much less time is required nowadays to research information. Many in search of jobs and careers have reaped the rewards of computer technology. For too long, finding informationRead MoreComputer Technology and the Effects on Society1564 Words   |  7 PagesComputer Technology and the Effects on S Computer Technology and the Effect on Society Computer technology has had a great effect on society as a whole throughout history. It has modified our behavior greatly as we have become accustomed to the technological advancements of yesterday. We are so dependent sometimes we do not even have a concept of what life would be like without computers. When we are forced to live life without computers we are left hopeless and disillusioned and simple everydayRead MoreComputer Crime And Its Effect On Society932 Words   |  4 PagesComputer crime has been an issue since the 1970s. Computer crimes have been categorized in two ways. First is a physical activity in which criminals steal computers. Second is that in which criminals commit crimes using computers. The recent development of the Internet has created a substantial increase in criminals commit crimes using computers. Thus, an emerging area of criminal behavior is cyber crime. Computer crimes mostly affect to a lot of areas of the society. When we work with computersRead MoreThe Effects Of Computer Games On Society3332 Words   |  14 Pageswhether violence in computer games has a direct link to violence in the society. It starts by looking into the definition of a violence and the type of violence that are common in our society today. The essay looks into the prevalence of and exposure to computer games in the modern society. It went further to investigate the impacts of computer games as an entertaining and recreational medium. In order to do justice to the aforementioned controversy between violence in computer games and violence

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Financial Analysis of Singapore Telecommunications Limited

Question: Discuss about the Financial Analysis of Singapore Telecommunications Limited. Answer: Introduction The investors require information that helps them take investment decisions (Tracy, 2012). The information needs of the investors could be met out by analyzing the financial statements of the company. In order to gain insight into the financial performance and position of the telecommunication sector in Singapore, two big giants of the sector namely Singapore Telecommunication Limited and Starhub have been chosen for analysis. Singapore Telecommunication Limited The company provides integrated infocomms technology solutions primarily in the countries such as Singapore, Australia, the United State, and the Europe (Singtel, 2016). It is one of the biggest companies on the Stock Exchange of Singapore thus; it would provide a glimpse of entire industry in terms of financial performance. StarHub Ltd This company was founded in the year 1998 and since it has grown significantly. The company provides communication and entertainment services in Singapore and it is one of the biggest revivals of Singapore Telecommunication Limited (StarHub, 2016). This company has been chosen to compare the financial performance of Singapore Telecommunication Ltd. It has been observed from the chart shown above that the profitability of Singapore Telecommunication Limited is showing upward in the financial year 2015. On the other hand, the profitability of its competitor namely Starhub is going downward. The net margin of Singapore Telecommunication Limited has gone up from 19.29% in the year 2013 to 21.96% in the year 2015 (Appendix). Further, the operating profit margin and return on equity are also showing slight improvements in the current financial year (Tracy, 2012). Further, analysis reveals that the company has higher net margin (21.96%) than its competitor (15.22%), but the position in regard to return on equity is different. The competitor has very high return on equity (198.93%), which appears to be due to low equity maintained by it (Appendix). Starhub has very low equity, which is depicted from high debt equity ratio of 9 times. Liquidity Analysis The current ratio of Singapore Telecommunication Limited has been found to be 0.83, 0.86, and 0.83 times for the financial years 2013, 2014, and 2015 respectively (Appendix). Further, in respect of its competitor it has been observed to be 0.71, 0.56, 0.59 times for financial years 2013, 2014, and 2015 respectively. Thus, it can be observed that the company has been able to maintain the current ratio at same level, but the competitors liquidity position is going downward. Further, comparing the liquidity position of the company with its competitor, it could be observed that company is in better position. Efficiency Analysis Singapore Telecommunication Limited provides 82 days credit period, while, it competitor is extending only 47 days credit to the customers. Further, the asset turnover ratio of the company is also lower than that of its competitor. This indicates that the management of the company has not been able to deploy its assets efficiently. Further, the trend in the recent years depicts that the accounts receivable days are increasing and the asset turnover ratio is decreasing continuously, which is indicative of deterioration in the efficiency of the operations (Tracy, 2012). Solvency Analysis The debt equity ratio of the company is 0.70 times while that of its competitor is 9.21 times, which indicates that the solvency position of the company is far better. Further, the company also maintains sufficient operating profits to pay off the debt obligations on time, which is depicted in the Interest Times ratio of 9.60 times. Conclusion From the ratio analysis conducted in this report, it could be articulated that the profitability, liquidity, and solvency of Singapore Telecommunication Limited is better than Starhub Limited. However, the managements efficiency as regard deployment of the assets of the company has been found to be lower than its competitor. Overall, Singapore Telecommunication Limited is in better position than Starhub Limited. Reference Singtel. 2016. Company profile. [Online]. Available at: [Accessed on: 13 November 2016]. Starhub. 2016. Company profile. [Online]. Available at: [Accessed on: 13 November 2016]. Tracy, A. 2012.Ratio Analysis Fundamentals: How 17 Financial Ratios Can Allow You to Analyse Any Business on the Planet.